Autonomous terrestrial rovers, the next revolution

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The autonomous terrestrial rovers doesn't get that much attention like the drones but this doesn't mean their advancements are not significant. Their operational advantages and the fewer restrictions in comparison with the aerial drones, make their use quite interesting in several fields. 

The world of UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) or Rovers doesn't get as much attention like the aerial drones but this doesn't mean their advancements are not significant. All the drone technology revolution serves this new category of unmanned vehicles and they don't have the restrictions that their aerial counterparts have.

Something else than simplified drones 

The legislation around unmanned ground vehicles is more permissive than UAVs one. There's no air space to respect or danger of the vehicle falling over people. If the rover suffers an electric failure it just remains still in its place and that makes it quite safe in case of an accident. The international legislations doesn't affect them and there's no restriction over weight, operation or applications.

The UGVs are perfect for industrial environments but also for offices or open spaces. They are more resistant to bad weather, because their weight is not an issue the wind cannot move them from their position. Besides that, unlike the aerial drones in which the rain can really be a challenge, the rovers can handle rain with ease, being barely an incommodity that is easily solvable with special protection for the electronics.

Manual & autonomous Rovers, a very present future


About the degree of autonomy in the UGVs, the actual legislation for the UAVs forbids specifically the use of autonomous aerial drones, the operator always needs to be able to get the control of the drone in every moment. This doesn't apply to the rovers, there's no law that forbids the rovers to patrol a private compound in a autonomous way. This makes a simplier implementation process from the legal standpoint in both manual and autonomous rovers. Their typology depends of the application and use and not determined by legal restrictions. Every advancement made in the aerial navigation is applicable to the rovers, like autopilots or obstacle avoidance sensors. But the rovers have a lesser degree of complexity just needing to operate in a 2D surface instead of three dimensions, which simplifies tremendously the manual operation and the autonomous route planification.

This machines are able to work in swarms, communicate with the control room, mount 360º cameras, speakers, light spots, transport goods, carry sensors to measure gas leaks, or event take operative decisions with different degrees of artificial intelligence. Their world is normally limited to a compound or private environment where the connectivity issues are easy to fix. Rovers can have automatic battery recharge stations without operator intervention and can do their patrol rounds without any human intervention.

The variety of rover applications within for security, surveillance, control or maintenance are incredible. They can be customized over the user preferences, for example to recognize authorized personnel to decide to raise an alarm or not, detect damages, obstacles, etc.. Or event implent the recognition of dangerous objects like weapons or alert if a person is in restringed area.

AIRK ROAK, Customized Rovers


The possibility for the rovers are almost infinite, they are tireless workers that can be a fundamental support for the security guards in risky situations. AIRK is the only spanish manufacturer with the required know-how to build to guarantee the needs of an organization in security matters. Being able to have rovers and UAVs completely customized working synchronized is something only within the reach of a manufacturer with the versatility and experience of AIRK.


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