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The family of AIRK® FireClouds by AIRK Drones  is made up of 4 multicopters, each model with different uses and purposes: Quadcopter FC4, Hexacopter FC6, Octocopter FC8 and OctoQuad FC4r. But what is it that makes the Airk drones quite different from those you can already find in the market?

The family of AIRK® FireClouds by AIRK Drones  is made up of 4 multicopters, each model with different uses and purposes: Quadcopter FC4Hexacopter FC6Octocopter FC8 and OctoQuad FC4r. But what is it that makes the AIRK drones quite different from those you can already find in the market?


“In our category, we are pioneers in the 8-engine models, FC4r and FC8. We have achieved two highly-optimized devices in performance, agility and stability. The structure is designed in order to increase the drones’ versatility, integrating a 10-12 mm diameter rod system, with 60 mm from rod to rod, and leveraging the most widely used standard for Gimbals”, says David Matanzas, CEO of the company.


Besides, an anchorage area made of three threaded holes with M3 screw has been added into the arms, which creates a new standard for multicopters complements. This anchorage area allows that both the company and the whole community could develop an endless number of accessories for AIRK drones.


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Potential accessories

Some potential accessories would be, for instance, floaters for developing tasks in the water. “We have tested the anchorage, and the floater itself acts as landing gear in order to operate in water areas with greater confidence and security”, points out David Matanzas.


Some other accessories that could be added into the drone would be the ultrasound sensors acting as obstacle detectors in any area of the perimeter, which are much more efficient than the usual ones.


Last but not least, AIRK is working in a GoPro camera holder that would be fitted in each one of the arms, in order to record spherical 360 degrees videos. The drone remains cameras inward, becoming invisible for the recording, and therefore simulating that the viewer is located inside the device.



Do it yourself!

For the manufacturing of the four models, AIRK always works with optimum components and the most prestigious brands, in order to obtain a high-quality and high-performance product. In addition, the drones are ARF (Almost Ready to Fly), or as it is more popularly known, “do it yourself “; they are the only ones in the whole market where 50% of the assembly guidelines (placing of the engines, sense of rotation, arms placing, etc.) are built-in in the chassis itself of the drone.


About AIRK

Established as a company in October 2015, the AIRK project started in fact in summer 2013, with David Matanzas’ final project in Industrial Design Engineering.


After a phase of redesign and adjusting, the support of the business accelerator Yuzz from Sant Cugat City Council, the introduction of a business experienced partner, Miguel Suárez, by the end of 2014, and a first investment of 100,000 € for development, AIRK is already a reality.

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